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Susana Campos-Sanchez

My son also goes to Tiddlers and loves it! He has made really good friends there and the staff are very good. They also picked up on a slight issue with his speech really early on and they are working on it. Very happy with them. x

Victoria Banat Couper

My daughter went to Tiddlers Preschool and she loved it. They are really flexible and it’s a happy and caring setting.

Maria Clark

Highly recommend Tiddlers. My son has been there for over a year now and he loves it. The girls are brilliant and he’s grown in confidence massively since being there. x

Emily Ayears

My son is on his second week at Tiddlers. The staff have been amazing – it’s hard for him as I’ve never left him before but they have been brilliant and he always comes away with smiles and is super happy. At drop off I’ve gone in for a little while to settle him and everything I’ve seen while doing so has been so great.

Sian Morgan

I absolutely love Tiddlers. My 4 year old has been there for a year and is so happy. I didn’t move him when a school nursery place came up last September. He misses it in the holidays and notices if he misses a day. He has an amazing relationship with all of the staff and has made lots of friends. It’s such a happy preschool.